Tutorial: 2850+ Professional Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions Tutorial: A Complete Guide for Better Photos

If you are on the lookout for innovative ways to speed up your photo editing workflow, then consider photoshop actions for excellent results. If you are new to the process, there are many photoshop action tutorials, which will help you ace photoshop actions and become an expert in no time.

There are many professional photoshop tutorials you can choose from to learn all about photoshop actions. The steps, as explained in the tutorial, by which we can create a photoshop action for any image are detailed below:
Open the Actions Panel

The first step on how to create a Photoshop action is to open the Actions panel. To do this, go to the Actions section in Windows or press the F9 key on your keyboard. Once you do so, the Actions panel will come on the right side of your screen.

2. Create a New Action

After you open the Action Panel, the next step is to create a new action by clicking on the "Create New Action" button, which appears at the bottom of the Action panel. As per the photoshop Action tutorial, you must next give your action a name and then Click on “Record”. The next step will be the Action panel recording your actions.

3: Record All Your Actions

When the recording process begins, then you can perform all the actions you want to be done on your photo, body layer, or coloured smoke effect. You might also want to adjust the brightness and contrast or add a filter to any of your photos. Once you're done, click the "Stop" button in the Actions panel.

4: Save Your Action

The next step is to save your action by clicking "Save" in the Actions panel. You can also save your action as part of a set, which is nothing but a collection of related actions. This is useful when you are doing many actions together.

5. Use Your Action

After you have saved, you can use the action by just opening the photo you want to apply it to and clicking on the action button in the Actions panel. Then, after you click "Play", the effect will appear on your photo.
In conclusion, you can say that photoshop action tutorials are a great way of speeding up your photo editing workflow and getting good results. Now that you know how to create a Photoshop action, you can add the desired effects to all your favourite photographs.

We have prepared the following tutorial videos for your reference and convenience. Please don't hesitate to email us at support@artixty.com if you need additional help. 

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Abstract Painting Photoshop Action:

Body Layers Photoshop Action:

Colored Smoke Photoshop Action:

 Comic Painting Photoshop Action:

 Cyberpunk Photoshop Action:

Comic Photoshop Action:

Max Painting Photoshop Action:

 3D Effect Photoshop Action:

 Grunge Photoshop Action:

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