Commercial License

Licensing has always been complicated especially in the creative industry. This is the reason why, we at Artixty have made our commercial license clear and easy to understand.

Here's what you can do with the products purchased from Artixty:

  1. Use them in unlimited personal or commercial projects.
  2. Use them as part of the end products (digital or physical) for sale.
  3. Use on Print-On-Demand websites, as long as you only upload flattened designs with significant changes to the source file.
  4. Use in websites, digital products, and social media.
  5. Use in video and media files.
  6. Use resources to create a free end product or product for sale.

Here's what you can't do:

  1. Use the elements as the primary design element within a design, you must combine resources with other original design work. Your final designs should not use the design elements as-is.
  2. Redistribute, sub-license, sell, give-away or share the resources.
  3. Upload the design resources on a server that will allow unlicensed users to utilize the resources.
  4. Resell resources as digital stock images/downloads You may not resell work created from our resources in a way that will compete directly with the original product creator.
  5. Use them in pirated products.
  6. Use resources in a pornographic, defamatory or unlawful creatives.

Resource Specific Licensing Details:

A. Fonts

Here's what you can do with the fonts purchased from Artixty:

  1. Use the fonts in personal or commercial client projects.
  2. Use the fonts in social media profiles, websites, custom logo design and e-books.
  3. Use the fonts to create phrases or quotes for sale on physical items like t-shirts, bags, mugs, cards and other physical products.
  4. Use the fonts to create flattened designs to be sold on Print-On-Demand sites. The final design should be flattened and the font file should not be uploaded to the website.
  5. Use the fonts in videos or media productions.

Here's what you can't do with the fonts purchased from Artixty:

  1. Create digital alphabets, stencils or logo templates for sale.
  2. Embed the font files in a desktop or mobile application or Print-On-Demand website where non-licensed third party users can make use of the fonts.
  3. Create a digital product that consists of only letters and alphabets of a font.
  4. Use them to create graphic flattened alphabets, digital alphabets, die-cut patterns or stencil designs.

B. Graphic Resources 

This includes:

  • Vectors
  • Illustrations
  • Textures
  • Backgrounds
  • Patterns
  • Mock-up Templates
  • Stock Photos
  • Add-Ons

Here's what you can do with the graphic resources purchased from Artixty:

  1. Create original designs where the given resource is not a significant part of the design, this can for physical items or digital items.
  2. Create original designs and upload it to Print-On-Demand websites as a flattened design.
  3. Use designs within videos or media productions.
  4. Use Mock-up Templates to showcase original designs, for physical or digital mock-ups.

Here's what you can't do with the graphic resources purchased from Artixty:

  1. Use graphic resource as-is to sell on Print-On-Demand websites as an add on or individual product.
  2. Divide the graphic resource (Vectors, Illustrations, Mock-ups, Bundles) and resell or give-away or distribute them in whole or parts.
  3. Embed the unmodified graphic resource into any software or third party website.
  4. Provide source files to any third party where individual elements can be extracted.
  5. Use the graphic resource as the key component in a logo without significant design modifications.

Please contact us if you have any doubts regarding our commercial license.