How to Create A Watercolor Effect in Photoshop? (with Tutorials)

Who doesn’t love watercolors? They make even the boring pictures look extra special. Have you ever thought about adding the watercolor filter effect to your photos? If so, then you can make good use of the watercolor effect in Photoshop for stunning results.  When we make use of the watercolor effect in Photoshop, it will create a new layer and take your ordinary photos to another level. These photo effects in watercolor bring about a unique and different appeal to all your digital photographs. 

With some help from these Photoshop watercolor filters, anyone can include the beauty and vibrance of traditional watercolor painting in their photos. If you're looking for a versatile watercolor effect in Photoshop, one of the most popular options is the 20-in-1 Magical Watercolors Actions Bundle by Artixty. This comprehensive collection provides a range of actions, each carefully crafted to produce unique and stunning watercolor effects. You can also explore many other watercolor bundles, which are on offer from Artixty. 

Watercolor Effect in Photoshop- A Comprehensive Guide

In this extensive guide, we will delve into the workings of the 20-in-1 Magical Watercolors Actions Bundle, which offers a diverse range of actions to create unique watercolors effects in Photoshop. By exploring the bundle's easy-to-follow steps, you will gain a deeper understanding of how it enables you to unleash your creativity. 

With step-by-step instructions, you will learn how to apply these actions to your images, ensuring that you have a wide array of options to achieve the desired watercolor effect. Scroll down to explore the versatility of this extensive watercolor Photoshop tutorial from Artixty and learn how to create stunning watercolor effect in Photoshop

Step 1: Open your photo in Photoshop and duplicate the background layer. You can do this by selecting the background layer and dragging it onto the New Layer icon in the Layers panel.

Step 2: Change the replicated layer into a Smart Object. Click on the layer and go to "Convert to Smart Object" from the menu. This allows for non-destructive editing and easy adjustment of the applied filters.

Step 3: Make two additional copies of the Smart Object by dragging the existing Smart Object layers onto the New Layer icon in the Layers panel.

Step 4: Rename the Smart Object layers to indicate the filters you'll apply. Double-click on each layer name and enter the corresponding filter name using the Photoshop bundle.

Step 5: Hide the top two Smart Object layers by clicking on their visibility icons in the Layers panel.

Step 6: Select the "Cutout" Smart Object layer and apply the Cutout filter. Go to the Filter menu, choose "Filter Gallery," and select the Cutout filter from the Artistic category. Adjust the filter settings as desired and click OK.

Step 7: Change the blend mode of the "Cutout" Smart Object layer to "Luminosity" in the Layers panel. This preserves the original colors while blending in the effect. You can use the blending mode to multiply the effects as well. 

Step 8: Select and enable the "Dry Brush" Smart Object layer by clicking on its visibility icon.

Step 9: Apply the Dry Brush filter to the "Dry Brush" Smart Object layer. Access the Filter Gallery again, choose the Dry Brush filter from the Artistic category, and adjust the settings. Click OK to apply the filter and you are one step close to create the watercolor painting. 

Step 10: Change the blend mode of the "Dry Brush" Smart Object layer to either "Screen" or "Lighten" in the Layers panel. Experiment with both modes to see which works best for your image.

Step 11: Select and enable the "Median" Smart Object layer by clicking on its visibility icon.

Step 12: Apply the Median filter to the "Median" Smart Object layer. Go to the Filter menu, choose "Noise," and select "Median." Adjust the Radius value and click OK.

Step 13: Change the blend mode of the "Median" Smart Object layer to "Soft Light" in the Layers panel. And finally, you have succeeded in using photo effects of watercolors in all your favorite images. 

All Ready for Stunning Water Paint Effects in Photoshop?

Unlock the artistic potential of your digital images with this water paint effect Photoshop Actions Bundle. This Artixty bundle is an invaluable tool for all digital artists, photographers, and enthusiasts who wish to add amazing watercolor effects to their photos. With a wide variety of actions to choose from in this Adobe Photoshop bundle, you can effortlessly transform your images to create a watercolor painting. Whether you prefer soft and ethereal pastels or vibrant and dynamic splashes of color, this bundle allows you to create whatever you want. Explore all the possibilities of this bundle and get beautiful watercolor effects in Photoshop for your photographs.

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